is here to provide a service of connecting people who need to get clothing custom made with people who can make clothes. We are not a new concept, but we are aiming to become the go-to location where people who make clothing and jewelry and accessories can find people looking to get clothing and jewelry and other accessories made affordably and well.

Who is a user?

People who want to get something custom made (an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a bag etc) and need to have the ability to connect with people who make clothing, jewelry, bags etc., so that they can bargain with multiple potential freelancers until they find someone who can make the item they need at a price they can afford.

Maybe you’ve seen a designer item of clothing that you love; but it costs $5000. You want to see if you can find someone to make you a similar item for less money. You can use the “Post A Job Request” link to post a request for someone to make you a similar item. Include as much detail in your request. Include a picture of the item and include your payment offer (how much you want to pay for the job). Submit your request and wait for people to contact you who are interested in making this item for you.

Or you can browse our directory of professionals and contact people directly about hiring them to make the item for you.

If you are someone who makes clothing, jewelry or accessories, you can add information about your services to our professionals database so that people can contact you about hiring you to make something for them. You can browse the existing job requests and contact people if you are interested in making them an offer in connection with their posted job request. charges a fee of $9.99 to submit a listing. Your listing remains active for 60 days.

The fee to add your information to the professionals database is $39.99. Your information remains in the database for 365 days. facilitates connecting the buyer and seller of this service type. We do not handle or otherwise oversee any negotiations between buyer and seller. Buyer and seller work out their own terms and negotiate the transfer of any payments. No payments can be issued from buyer to seller or back from seller to buyer (refund) via the website. All transaction details, including payment related details are between the buyer and seller.